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Our Mission

Through online fundraising, our “Do Good, Better” newsletter and public events, we promote cost-effective philanthropy that maximizes each person’s capacity for good. We follow the lead of GiveWell, a global non-profit which audits and ranks charities. 

We’re proud to bring cost-effective philanthropy to the nation’s capital.

The GW community is doing what it can to leave a positive, lasting impact on the global challenges that matter most, like poverty and disease prevention.

One Semester, One Life

GiveWell estimates that a donation of $2,300 to the Against Malaria Foundation, a bed-net distributer, saves one child in the developing world from contracting Malaria, a life-threatening disease.

This donation is the world’s most cost-effective, life-saving direct intervention, offering philanthropists globally the opportunity to do more good with less.

This Spring, GiveWell GW will raise $2,100, and in one semester, we’re going to save one life.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the most effective altruists in human history. They do good great.

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